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what's new


2012 turned out to be a pretty productive year for the team. We brought on two more members Kurt Filipiak and Ken Kirtsis who both went through their probationary period and became full member investigators. Two investigators were moved from the Junior Team and became part of the southern division. Congratulations to Cari Vang and Carri Adams.


We had our 2nd annual NYX picnic in which good times were had by all and we even had a few new visitors.


We attended the first annual Parahorror Convention presented by Beyond Ghost. We met a lot of new people and friends, shared stories and evidence. When all was said and done I joined Terror Technologies for a Zombie walk.


We continued our investigations out at Marjim Manor private, public and fundraiser were our objective. Although I had surgery as a team we were still able to some group investigation by ourselves and with other paranormal groups. We did the USS Sullivan, Palmyra Museum and the Dunkirk Lighthouse along with some cemeteries.


2013 we plan on expanding again and bring on some new members as Investigators in Training as well as our Junior team. The NYX third annual picnic will be held at Becky’s house this year. The planning of a NYX summer trip is in the works if not maybe a couple of trips. We are going to concentrate on helping others as several events are in the works.


We our already scheduling a lecture and reveal at Marjim Manor in early spring. The team tonight as I type our doing a pre-investigation at a residential. With all said and done it’s looking to be a very active and fulfilling year.


Until then many blessings to our friends and family. Blessed be.




January 2012, Happy New Year to all our friends and fans. What a year 2011 ended being we had some weak points but as a team finished the year strong.


TEAM: The southern division had the first formal meeting and is pursuing lots of new avenues in South Central New York and Pennsylvania. As a team we had the opportunity to work with several guest investigator and several other paranormal investigative teams. NYX has been accepted and is now an official GAC Team Member.



The Stanley Hotel – GAC Event – NYX team.

Schimschacks Restaurant – with guest investigators Ken Kirisits and Kurt Filipiak.

Savona Cemetery – NYX summer getaway with Kurt Filipiak.

Eastern State Penitentiary – NYX summer getaway with Ken Kirisits and Kurt Filipiak.

The Shanley Hotel – A birthday present for Ron Mayer from ROC-City-Paranormal, we were joined by investigators representing their teams; (TIKI) The Dark Knight Paranormal, Wyoming County Paranormal and Connecticut Paranormal.

Several Private and Public investigations at The Winery at Marjim Manor.

Several private homes.



We held our first annual Paranormal Picnic as a thank you to our family and friends.

NYX was on Para-X-Radio – “Surviving Evidence” with Host Christopher DiCesare.

Gave a Paranormal Lecture to High School Students.

Rebecca Schultz got married to David Hill so now start looking for Becky Hill with NYX events.

NYX members have been attending events sponsored by Terror Technology, which include zombie crawls and parades for charity. They are a big charity supporter of the Food Banks of WNY so look for their events also.



NYX will have a table at an up coming Para-Convention at the Buffalo Central Terminal hosted by our friends Beyond Ghost and an appearance from Terror Technology.

We’re working on another Team Investigation.

Several home investigations are being lined up.

2nd annual paranormal picnic.

Keep striving for Paranormal Unity by working with still other teams.

A return trip to Schimschacks Restaurant, Starry Night Theatre and Palmyra Museum.



We had a very trying but productive year. As a team we are stronger and better organized as everyone has the same team approach and desire to work and help other teams. I am not only blessed by my core group but the asset the Southern Division has become. I encourage people to get out and explore the wonderful community of paranormal activities this area has to offer. Some local places that hold overnight investigations, Iron Island Museum, Palmyra Museum and Marjim Manor are just a few. The many events sponsored by Beyond Ghost and ROC-City-Paranormal. When it comes down to it we’re all into the paranormal for the same reason and is why we desperately need paranormal unity. Have a blessed 2012 and I hope we’ll see you at one of the many sponsored events.


So if you’re looking to contact us; contact our case manager Becky Schultz 716-545-5516 or if you’re down around the base of Keuka Lake or Seneca Lake contact Tami Vang of our Southern Division at 607-527-6061. We’re only a phone call, e-mail, text, FB message away.


Till we meet again TTFN.


June 2011, – Here we are on the Summer Solstice and I’m updating our website. So much new and exciting has been going on that this may take a bit. First and foremost we have re-organized.

The core team looks like this; Scott Schultz, Becky Schultz (B), Michelle Day (Shell), Alicia Bellinger (E), Jodi Regan, Dennis Graczyk (Den) & Jessica Graczyk (Jess). Two other overall Associate Members are Katey Schultz (K) & Jeannie McWeinie.

Our Southern Division is headed up by Tami Vang & Steve Vang along with two other members Lynne Drake & Alyssa Vang (Aly).

We are also in the process of developing a Junior Division for 13 – 18 year olds headed up by Becky; our three juniors are Carrie Adams, Cari Vang & Michael Day.

We’ve done a couple of home investigations and our working on a couple more spots for July. The Southern team has some ideas and they are pursuing them also. Also for July we have been invited to give a lecture and will invite some of the juniors to assist if they’re available.

Michelle has been working to get equipment up and running so that we may soon be able to start posting videos of investigations.

On Saturday June 18, 2011 NYX hosted a picnic and invited paranormal friends and families to join us. We had representatives of several paranormal groups and many more just friends of NYX show up. In the evening we gathered together to energize our crystals and pendulum to help us in our investigations. We also sent out energy to our friends and para neighbors who couldn’t attend.

So what’s on the horizon? NYX the entire adult and junior teams will be heading to Eastern State Penitentiary on August 20, 2011 for a formal investigation. It will be the first time all the teams will investigating as one and I’m told that some of our juniors are also sensitive, so it should be a great event.

So if you’re looking to contact us; contact our case manager Becky Schultz 716-545-5516 or if you’re down around the base of Keuka Lake or Seneca Lake contact Tami Vang of our Southern Division at 607-527-6061. We’re only a phone call, e-mail, text, FB message away.

Till we meet again TTFN.


March, 2011  –  NYX hopes that everyone had a very joyous Holiday season. A new year is ahead of us and we’re all hopeful of great things this year.

Team: As a team not much to announce. Everyone seems healthy and happy so let’s hope it stays that way. We are hoping to get going on our Associate Members and should be voting on some at our next get together.

Investigations: NYX hosted a Public Investigation at Marjim Manor on January 14, 2011 and hosted a 50th birthday at the Manor also. Both were great times, as always Margo Sue Bitner is an awesome hostess.

Other Interesting Stuff:  NYX will be at the historic Stanley Hotel for an event and ghost hunt with the Ghost Adventures Team from 3-3-2011 thru 3-6-2011. We will share our thoughts later about the event. We will be talking about the event on “Edge of the Unknown” (www.edgeoftheunknown.net) on WECK 1230 AM radio from 9:00 – Midnight on 3-28-2011. Should be a good time.  

Looking ahead to 2011, when the team gets together I will be discussing the possibility of a summer investigation and possibly a summer get together with family and friends.

In closing, on March 13, 2011 set your clocks a head one hour. Have a blessed Ostara on March 20, 2011. Talk soon people may spirit be with you.


December, 2010  –  NYX hopes that everyone had a very joyous Thanksgiving as we were thankful for many things ourselves.

Team: NYX has created a new division as we expand outwards; the Southern Division has been formed and will be headed up by Steve and Tami Vang. They will be putting together a team that will be responsible for the Southern Tier of Western New York along with the Southern Finger Lakes. The original team will now be the Western Division with Becky and I overseeing both divisions. Gina Keller will also be taking over the duties as Case Manager for both divisions.

Investigations: Has been a little quiet over the holidays except for home investigations, but keeping busy continually going over evidence.

Other Interesting Stuff: We have firmed up a date for our next public ghost hunt at Marjim Manor which has been set for January 14, 2011. Tickets are now available at www.marjimmanor.com. Bring your camera’s and voices recorders and bring something warm, we might try to head out to the grounds if weather permitting. This month NYX is also one of the paranormal teams spotlighted in “The White Crow” an on line paranormal magazine and can be found at http://twc.mripa.net

Looking ahead to 2011, NYX is heading to the Stanley Hotel for an event and ghost hunt with the Ghost Adventures Team, stay tuned.

NYX wishes everyone a very Joyous and Happy Holiday Season – Blessed Yule, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza and of course a very Happy New Year.


Nov. 1, 2010  –  What a difference a year makes, now that the website is functioning again I will try to keep it upgraded more frequently.

Team: NYX is expanding, as of right now we have brought on two new Associate Members Katey Schultz who will be starting out with Evidence Review/Investigator and Christopher Conlon who will be Demonologist/Cinematographer/Investigator. We will also be starting up a Junior Division in which we will accept teenagers up to 18 years old. This will allow them the opportunity to start learning about the paranormal and do lectures and events. This will be headed up by Becky Schultz. Stay tuned more team information and growth in the works.

Investigations: This past year NYX has had the opportunity to investigate Old Fort Niagara, Rolling Hills Asylum, Iron Island Museum, Marjim Manor, Riviera Theatre, Starrynight Theatre, Shea’s Performing Arts (Hosted by Beyond Ghost) and Several Private Homes. We are slowly getting the information up on the website, please be patient.

Other Interesting Stuff: Members of NYX had the opportunity to work with Chris Conlon in the production of “The Deliverance” which aired at the Riviera Theatre on 10-30-2010. Other members had the opportunity to help and be present in the movie “The Haunted Boy – The Story of the Real Exorcist”. NYX was present for the “Hope for Two” Fundraiser held at Marjim Manor and hosted public ghost hunts at the Manor also. We were a guest on WECK Radio 1230 AM "Edge of the Unknown" click the link to listen to the podcast. Annette Riley is now managing our website, please check out her link.

As we move from 2010 into 2011 we are hoping for some great things for NYX and our friends. As of right now we are planning our next public investigation at Marjim Manor that should be sometime in January, we will be posting the date as soon as possible.


July 20, 2009. Okay it's been awhile so let's see what's new. I have started a facebook account for NYX (New York X Paranormal Research Team) I hope to use it for teaching, learning and open forums. As of this morning there are 38 members. If you have a facebook account please invite your friends. There are still a few investigations in the works if and when we hear anything so will you. The "We're Alone  Investigation" evidence is up on the website, check it out. As of 6:00 this morning RH is closed and Lori is on her way to Florida. Rolling Hills will always hold a special place in my heart, may someday the place re-open so that the living and not so living may once again walk around together. Keep in touch as I will also and remember you’re only a breath away from an EVP.  


On June 9, 2009 NYX had a meeting where we voted on adding our newest member. Dennis Graczyk,  from North Tonawanda, will be our tenth and final full time member. This addition will complete the list of original charter team members. Look for Dennis's profile to be published under "Meet the Team."  At the meeting, we also discussed our upcoming "We're Alone" investigation at Rolling Hills, which is scheduled for Friday, June 19th. We spent a couple of hours planning the details of the investigation which include: investigative teams, camera locations, points of interest as well as a few new surprise experiments for the residents. Look for our findings under "Case Studies" after we have gone through the evidence.

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