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Tony Romes

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Tony Rome's Globe Hotel & Restaurant


Haunted History

 From the Tony Rome's Website

     Tony Rome’s Globe Hotel and Restaurant is East Aurora’s oldest local business still operating in its original location.

     Dating back to the early 1800’s “The Globe Hotel”, as it was originally known, has a long history of being a pinnacle part of the East Aurora community. Along with its longevity comes a history rich in paranormal experiences. Folk tales about spirits remaining in 'The Globe' date back as long as anyone can remember. 

     The Under Ground Railroad tunnels in the basement have long given the staff, and anyone working in the basement the feeling of 'being watched'. The basement has many rooms in which the spirits play tricks, if you are not careful the mind can be tricked into seeing a spirit move quickly from room-to-room out of the corner of your eye.

    Paranormal activity has been reported on the main floor as well. This seems to be the most active. Staff and customers alike have reported 'seeing a man watching them'. The man is tall and has distinctive features; all reports on his description are the same from those who have witnessed his appearance. This happens when the restaurant is mostly empty (late at night or early morning) and the employees or customers think that they are 'alone'. It leaves you to wonder if the gentleman in question hasn't been seen at other times without anyone knowing it that is thinking he is a patron. The Staff at the Globe believes the spirit is one of the many former owners that have returned to keep an eye on things.

      The second floor is very active as well, although only staff is allowed unless the owners arrange for private tours. The staff and the owners of the Globe have reported strange activity, such as, things being moved, sounds from locked rooms and sightings. The former owner who haunts the first floor has been seen on the second floor as well. Strangely, when he was alive he complained of a 'ghost' that walked the halls of the upstairs at night.

      A little boy has also been reported to be seen and heard on the second floor. He is heard so much that the owners placed a ball in the room he creates the most mischief in. "The ball will be in one spot when I lock the rooms at night and somewhere else in the morning when I open" says Sorrentino, the owner. No one has access to the locked room but the owners themselves. 

      The third floor is the most famous. In the early 1900's it was a dance hall and a 'speak easy'. Sometimes music can be heard 'ever so faintly' coming from the staircase leading to this level.

      There is so much history and so many stories you would be wise to come yourself and hear them first hand.

      Paranormal Investigators have been coming to Tony Rome's for years to document and study paranormal activity.