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The Stanley Hotel 3-8-2011

The Stanley Hotel GAC Event March 3-6 2011

March 3-6 2011, New York X Paranormal Research Team (NYX) had the opportunity to attend a Darkness Radio event along with the Ghost Adventures Crew at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. The event which was from Thursday to Sunday included many lectures from Paranormal/EVP/Spiritual experts along with one night of investigations (2 nights/2 groups) with our paranormal host.


The weekend participants included very serious investigators along with teenagers who wanted to party with GAC and were louder than we would have hoped. The highlight of the weekend; there were way too many to mention at this point. Dave Schaeder was a gracious host and the historical Stanley Hotel was spectacular. Only one real downside and was my own fault, we had heard of children running around upstairs on the fifth floor (which doesn’t exist) so I left a voice recorder on the ledge of our room door for overnight recording. During the night someone stole our recorder, I guess that no matter what some people just can never be trusted. May karma be their friend now.



4 Sony Digital Voice Recorders

1 Sony Digital Camera

1 EMF Meter

1 K2 Meter

2 Digital Laser Thermometers


Various other Recorders, Cameras and Digital Video Recorders were brought by individual investigators.



The lectures seemed to range from the very basic to the very advanced and by far I felt the best was Billy Tolley and his EVP’s and other Evidence. I liked the EVP evidence the best and hands down Billy’s was the best I have heard in a long time. Dave Schaeder gave a special presentation on other types of phenomenon’s including Incubus, Bigfoot and UFO’s which in itself I felt very well presented and informative. My weekend was made by meeting Mark and Debby Constantino while others were made by meeting Zac, Aaron, Nick and the rest of the GAC Crew.



We started our investigation in the carriage house room 1302 where Jeff Belanger presented an Ouija board. Without knowing the background Jeff has had using it, NYX decided to move into the main hall and do our own investigation. I had the pendulum I was using for divination pulled out of my hand and picked up some interesting EVP’s. We next moved to the tunnel with the Constantino’s where more EVP’s were obtained and one child by the name Emmanuel was talked to. Next stop second floor 217 with Zak, although nothing was captured Zak showed how one piece of equipment dies you just pick up another and keep going. I thought that was very professional. Over to Aaron in 401 using the spirit box and obuluis. These two devices were very active and seemed to have intelligent responses. Listening to our EVP’s from this room we also picked up some rhythm drumming, interesting for being on Native American land. Our last stop was the Concert Hall with Bill Chappell, he was very brilliant with his knowledge of electronics, but seemed to lose most people with the dialect. Very advanced in ghost hunting techniques and although several experiments were tried nothing was captured.


Personal Experiences:

Beside the pendulum being pulled out of from between my fingers we were also able to capture an EVP while the Ouija board session was going on. It said “Make them stop” followed by a “Help Me”. We also picked up that strange drumming here as we did in room 401. Michelle had a verbal conversation with two ladies in the bathroom in the basement of the hotel, only problem was when she looked she was by herself. And then we have our last day in our own room, at approximately 2:00AM Becky woke me up to say that the bed was shaking violently, it was along with vibrating for 5 – 10 minutes. It was none violent and stopped so we went back to sleep. Michelle had mentioned the next day that at that time she was awakened by the closet door rattling and a dark shadow coming out of the wall above her headboard and the light touch on her legs. The next morning we were discussing our events and lost all power to our room, I was able to find the circuit breaker in a closet off the hall and it was turned off not tripped. And finally when I was heading down for coffee, I was on the elevator with two other hotel guest and going down from the fourth floor the elevator just stopped between floors. No flickers no sudden jerks just stopped. Lasted for 15 seconds and started up just as it had quit. I never saw two people exit the elevator as those two guests.



NYX had a phenomenal time at The Stanley Hotel. Dave Schaeder, Zak Bagan, Aaron Goodwin, Darkness Radio and all the others from GAC couldn’t have been kinder and more personable. In August NYX will be heading for a lockdown at Eastern State Penitentiary, so we’ll have to see what happens. Oh and as for The Stanley Hotel………..Yes we believe there is paranormal activity there, but why believe us go there for yourself and see. Happy Haunting and may NYX be with you.


Members of NYX at "The Stanley Hotel"


"The Stanley Hotel"




Outside Room 1302

https://newyorkparax.webs.com/06 Room 1302 Unkown Voice.mp3

 Unknown voice possibly "Back Off".

 https://newyorkparax.webs.com/10 Room 1302 Make Them Stop Plus More Stuff.mp3

 After the mag light falls sounds like "Make the stop", - mag light drops again then "Oh they did it again", plus more voices at the end.


 In The Tunnel

https://newyorkparax.webs.com/18 The Tunnel Basement How Exciting Woo then I Know We Can Do It Again.mp3

 After Michelle notices an extreme temperature change we picked up the following EVP. Sounds like "How Exciting Woo" and then "I know we can do it again" VERY FAST