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The Shanley Hotel

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the shanley hotel

Welcome to the Shanley Hotel, a gracious old-style inn nestled in the Shawangunk Mountains of Ulster County, New York.  It consists of 35 rooms, a hidden basement room, and a former bordello.

Paranormal activity can be experienced here at any hour of the day or night. Reputable paranormal investigators have documented activity with EVPs and photos, and countless guests have told of their experiences. Ongoing research has uncovered news articles and other documentation about past inhabitants and events at the hotel.

Rocking chairs have been seen rocking on their own, mysterious clocks chime, cold and hot spots felt, along with aromas such as Emma's (in spirit) home style cooking. Many report hearing sounds such as James Shanley's  (deceased former owner) whistling, footsteps in the halls and on the stairs, opening and closing of doors, piano music, voices, or laughter of children.   Some have seen mysterious shadows and apparitions, report feelings of being watched and followed, and objects moving or being relocated.

Upon entering the Bordello, people have reported feeling lightheaded, shortness of breath, heaviness and feelings of joy/sadness. The 'Bordello' is considered the most active place in the Hotel.

Rumors of mysterious cover-up deaths, murders and secrets are slowly revealed from the spirits whose stories want to be told - the good times and the bad.  Book your stay and see why we say,

"The Spirits Are Inn"!