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Starry Night Theatre #4

Starry Night Theatre Investigation 2/20/2009

On February 2, 2009 Soul Seekers United investigated the Starry Night Theatre for the fourth time. Members of the investigation team consisted of Scott Schultz, Alicia Bellinger, Karen Jaroszek, Veneicia Lockamy, Jena Whipking, Yvonne Abwender, Jillian McCann and Michelle Day. Some of the equipment used was:



4 Defender Digital Video Recorders with IR capabilities

2 Sony Digital Voice Recorders

1 Sony Digital Camera

1 Kodak Digital Camera

2 EMF Meter

2 Digital Laser Thermometers

3 K2 Meters

Dowsing Rods

Various other Recorders, Cameras and Digital Video Recorders


The groups set out as usual to perform base line readings for EMF and temperature. As some members went directly to the sound booth area, the others to the basement. In the fellowship room, extensive experimens were performed with dowsing rods and pendulums. The team was able to get direct results with both. Due to persistent questioning, we are now fairly confident that there is a "Mary" and a "Bruce" who come to visit.

Personal Experiences:

Except for the activity that was picked up using the dowsing rods and pendulum, there weren't many personal experiences. We were able to try a few new techniques and had some "heavy feelings" from the sound booth. 


This was the fourth investigation by Soul Seekers United. Unfortunately, it was not as active as we would have hoped. Was ?The Diary of Ann Frank? too much for the spirits? The director L. Don Swartz told us that they had experienced strange occurrences every night of the production. Things such as misplaced props/ props bring broken or breaking during the show were witnessed. It was  as if the energy was displaced when they had a guest come in and talk about personal experiences during the Holocaust. We may never know. But, what we do know is that the Starry Night Theatre is a great place to watch a show as well as to have a paranormal experience at the same time. Again, it was truly a great experience.  Soul Seekers United would thank the Starry Night Theatre for the opportunity to investigate this wonderful historical site.



This picture was taken of the sky light over Peter's bed. In the flash to the left there looks to be two figures: one male face looking down and a female sitting with a polka dotted skirt.

This is a close up of the same picture.

An orb moving upward on the left by the arch.

One final orb on the seats.