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Starry Night Theatre #2

Starry Night Theatre Investigation 10/17/2008

On October 17, 2008 Soul Seekers United investigated the Starry Night Theatre for the second time. Members of the investigation team consisted of Scott Schultz, Gina Keller, Yvonne Abwender, Jena Whipking, Dennis Graczyk, Jessica Graczyk, Becky Schultz, Scott Volkmar and Juliet Poleon-Ihrig. Some of the equipment used was:



4 Defender Digital Video Recorders with IR capabilities

2 Sony Digital Voice Recorders

1 Sony Digital Camera


1 Kodak Digital Camera

2 EMF Meter

2 Digital Laser Thermometers

3 K2 Meters

Dowsing Rods

Various other Recorders, Cameras and Digital Video Recorders


Two groups went out while I stayed in the basement to monitor the cameras. The first group started in the basement while the other went towards the sound booth area. Four of us were able to watch the show beforehand to try to get a feel and the atmosphere of the theatre.


There were photos and EVP?s captured that now need to be debunked or more closely analyzed.

Lori and Michelle are both sensitive and brought out more activity than we have ever seen before, at least we think.

We started our investigation around 10:30 and continued until about 4:00. We used new equipment including a home made hack box which we also had good results with. Most, if not all, investigators had personal experiences.

Personal Experiences:


1)     We had the opportunity to have Lynn sit in with us tonight to perform some EVP?s in German. Although I didn?t hear any responses, I hope that with some better audio equipment, (Adobe Audition) I will be able to clean it up and listen again.

2)     The oddest thing all night was a ghost light that stayed on a majority of the night. I will bring a different type of tester to test for residual current during the next investigation. At one point, one member of the team asked the light to turn itself on and off. it did for 3 ? 4 cycles, then just stayed on again.



This was the second of several investigations and by far the most active. We will be planning on our next investigation on Feb. 12, 2009 during ?The Diary of Ann Frank?. Even Lori Carlson, who previously investigated with TAPS, made the comment that she definitely wanted to come back. We aren?t quite sure why there was so much activity. One may think that the spirits are getting used to us and are becoming more comfortable with coming out. Again, it was truly a great experience and Soul Seekers United would thank the Starry Night Theatre for the opportunity to investigate this wonderful historical site.




Due to the fact that most amazing anomaly of the night was the ghost light that kept coming on and off over the stage, most of the pictures were taken of the ceiling area in an attempt to reveal something. Notice two orbs in this picture.

There were a couple of other orbs in this one. Again, notice how they only seem to be around the ceiling and light tracks.
A couple of things to take notice of here: the odd orb that is hovering just over the table, the orb with no nucleus behind the couch by the light post and the large orb next to the couch. You will also notice Jessica , a member of NYX, sitting in the on the second floor closest to center stage. She was the only one who was able to get the light to on and off at her command, and it was during this session that this picture was taken.
You will notice this picture taken immediately after the one before it that all the suspicious orbs are now gone.
  A picture of a nice, bright orb.