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Starry Night Theatre #1

Starry Night Theatre Investigation 8/8/2008

On August 8, 2008 Soul Seekers United had the opportunity to investigate the Starry Night Theatre. Members of the investigation team consisted of Scott Schultz and other members of SSU. Some of the equipment used was:


4 Defender Digital Video Recorders with IR capabilities

2 Sony Digital Voice Recorders

1 Sony Digital Camera

1 Kodak Digital Camera

1 EMF Meter

2 Digital Laser Thermometers

1 K 2 Meter

Various other Recorders, Cameras and Digital Video Recorders

Upon starting the investigation, the team was given a tour of the facility and had the opportunity to ask question regarding the Church and Theatre. Jason and Paul were there the entire night as representatives of the Theatre.


The investigation began at approximately 11:15. Two separate groups went out to perform temperature and EMF baseline readings. Temperatures remained constant throughout the night and remained constant between the different levels of the theatre. The EMF readings were much different. Very high EMF readings were found throughout the entire basement. Extreme reading of 50 and higher were noted in the kitchen and back hall by the bathrooms. During the walk through, there was a spike in the EMF reading in the center of the fellowship room, which went from .02 to 24.0 and then back down again. During this time, several of the investigators noted heaviness in the area around the room and bathrooms. EMF readings in the main theatre area and stage were normal along with the attic.

A group that was in the attic had two distinct hits on the K2 meter that was visualized by the whole group during questions being asked. The K2 was then used in the fellowship room and died almost immediately when brought into the room.

Although I am still reviewing the digital video, nothing worth noting has been discovered yet.

The Voice recorders are still being reviewed, but there are two things worth noting right now. One of the recorders up in the attic picked up EVP clicks following the questions that were asked. During two different sessions in the fellowship room, there were distinct sounds of heavy breathing. On one of the recorders, this is heard very well. The other recorder picked up all kinds of static and then everything cleared up and sounded normal again.

As far as photos go, there are two being reviewed right now. They are both on the left side of the stage and are distinct orbs. The one is particularly interesting, as it appears to be emitting a light more that absorbing a light. The basement was hard to photograph, as there are a large amount of reflective items down there.

Personal Experiences:

1)      During our initial temperature gathering, a whistle was heard by several investigator on two different occasions in the Art Gallery and Kitchen Hall.

2)      Humming, singing and music were heard in the fellowship room.

3)      During an EVP session on the main stage, lights were seen by all. One of them moved down the banister then disappeared. We looked for light coming in from outside, but nothing was found. (This makes the photo of the light-emitting orb more interesting).

4)     Several investigators saw shadows on stage. The amazing thing was that all the activity that was noted occured on the left side of the stage only.

5)     One investigator felt their hand being touched in the fellowship room, but thought that it was due to the high EMF reading.


This is the first of several investigations. The team was able to document some information and gather more that will enable us to concentrate on areas that may be more active than others. There are some issues that we need to attempt to debunk and other areas we need to expand on. Soul Seekers United has been debriefed on the first investigation results and a new group is getting excited for their chance to investigate. Soul Seekers United would thank the Starry Night Theatre for the opportunity to investigate this wonderful historical site.



After watching the banister light up all night with streaks of light, we were able to capture this orb on the top railing. You will also notice a moving blueish orb to the left



 This is another photo of the railing with a much larger orb over the railing and again a moving orb in the middle banister between two posts.