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Savona Cemetery 8-19-201

Savona Cemetery 8-19-2011

On our way to Eastern State Penitentiary our Southern Division recommended that we check out the Sarvona Cemetery. At around 9:00 PM the entire NYX team along with guest investigator Kurt Filipiak headed to the Cemetery. This Cemetery was located about a mile off the main road on a dirt road with few houses and no lights. 

The weather was nice moderate humidity and the ground was covered with dew. There were head stones both elegant all the way to home made.



Being a cemetery with no electricity we went in with only basic hand held equipment:


Voice Recorders

K2 Meters

Dowsing Rods and Pendulums



Everyone had some kind of personal experiences whether being touched, seeing shadow and on more than one occasion hearing "MOM" being called out. Unfortunately most of the EVP's captured were to soft to hear without headphones so they are not on here also.



It was a great cemetery with a lot of history. It was the first chance the new NYX team worked together. Thank you to Tami Vang for recommending this location. I definitely wouldn't mind going back again.






 This was captured while we were walking around and comments were made about tripping over tombstone. The EVP sounds like "Up Down" or "Fall Down". You decide!


Again we were talking about the watching out for the Tombstones and Picked up a soft whisper "I Know".


 Mist that was captured while walking down the dirt road.


 Mist captured in field under tree behind fence.

More Mist in the road.

General Picture of the Sarvona Cemetery.


 Lone Tombstone, check out the dates and is Mrs. Reed also buried here?