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Riviera Theatre Investig

Riviera Theatre investigation

On August 20, 2010 NYX members had the opportunity to investigate the historic Riviera Theatre in North Tonawanda. This was a rare opportunity to get into this establishment and to move around freely to investigate.



1 DVR with IR Camera’s

1 Sony Digital Camera

1 Kodak Digital Camera

2 EMF Meter

2 Digital Laser Thermometers

2 K2 Meters

Dowsing Rods

Various Voice Recorders and Digital Video Recorders



This was an investigation that all members of NYX were able to attend. We were given a tour and were told of the folklore that surrounds the theatre. It was a warm and humid night but the excitement of being here put the humidity on the back burner. We were able to break up into groups and even able to do a group session on stage.


Personal Experiences:

People were experiencing things all night, everything from seeing shadows and getting very uneasy feelings. The most active area appeared to be the far back right side of the balcony. We were getting constant EMF readings in this area and not just in one place as we watch the EMF move. Shadows were also moving around this area that was seen by all. There were reported reports of activity up in the Woman’s bathroom and in the dressing rooms. Although there were individual feelings in these areas, nothing was captured in them.



We have no regrets during our investigation, although we didn’t pick up any scientific evidence they were more than made up for by personal experiences. This was a phenomenal location and defiantly full of paranormal activity. We were able to return here two months later with the debut of a Chris Conlon film “The Deliverance”. We would love to go back with more expertise and our new team members.


None other than the mighty Wurlitzer.


The area of the Balcony which had the most activity.


The Woman's bathroom upstairs.


 A group session on stage.