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Polish Cadet

polish cadets of buffalo investigation
polish cadets of buffalo

An indication of the maturity of the Polish immigrant community in Black Rock at the turn of the century was the founding of the Polish Cadets Club of Buffalo in 1899. The religious enter of the community, Assumption Church, had been established eleven years earlier in 1888.

The year 1899 proved to be the time for the formation of an organization which would foster a continued identification with the homeland of those Poles already settled in Black Rock and those who would continue to make their way to Buffalo. The club would also promote civic pride and advance the ideals of American citizenship.

A group of eleven farsighted young men met with the then Pastor of Assumption Church, Rev. Adam Marcinkiewicz, at the Church on a Sunday afternoon, October 22, 1899, to organize the Polish Cadets Club. The clubs rapid growth and stability resulted in its incorporation under the Laws of the State of New York and a subsequent purchase of a parcel of land at 927 Grant Street in 1912.

The club forged ahead with building plans for the Home of the Cadets Dom Kadetow. The services of W. Zawadzki, architect, were retained in 1913 and construction commenced in the current three story brick structure.

The Polish Cadets Club building immediately began to serve as the center of Black Rock community organizations and social activities. This function of the building continues to the present day. The building has also been intimately identified with members families as the site of wedding receptions and other family gatherings, large and small.