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Michelle Day

Michelle Day
    My name is Michelle Day.  I was born and raised in North Tonawanda, NY.  I have been marriedfor 16 years and have 1 son and my youngest niece (since my sister's passing).  We have 2 dogs.  I am a Certified Cardiac Diagnostic Technician and Perform EEG's by day, and when the opportunity arises, investigate the paranormal at night. 
    Having scientific background for my occupation leads me to appreciate the importance of scientific evidence in an investigation.  Personal experiences are an added bonus, which also helps verify claims made about a particular location. That being said, I have been interested in the paranormal for as long as I can remember.  The movie, "The Sixth Sense," best describes my childhood.  I am an untrained sensitive.  I have not perfected the gifts of clairaudiance and clairtesence that I have been so fortunate to receive.  Occasionally, clairvoyance and channeling come in to play.
    My family is very supportive of my interests in the paranormal.  My husband is 100% skeptical and keeps me grounded, as I am the first to try and "debunk" my experiences.  My son and my niece also share some gifts of being sensitive.  My son has been on "Teen Hunts" with me Rolling Hills Paranormal/Asylum, Bethany NY. My niece trys to ignore her gifts as she has no interest in them.
    I began to actively investigate the paranormal in the summer of 2008, when Scott invited me to investigate the Iron Island Museum in Buffalo, NY with him.  I became a member of Soul Seekers meetup group at Rolling Hills Paranormal, Bethany, NY and investigated there as well as the Starry Night Theater North Tonawanda, NY.
    Most memorable experiences: Rolling Hills-2W hallway- Feeling like someone kept hitting/tapping me on the head.  After a few times, I said "stop hitting my head".  Scott snapped a photo of that showd me being surrounded and covered by orbs.  On a recent trip to Rolling Hills, Scott attempted to do some debunking in that hallway.  Taking pictures of different people with nobody in the hallway showed no orbs.  When I walked into the hallway, the orbs were back.
Starry Night Theater: While sitting on the upper level of the stage, I was taking pictures of the sound booth and got an uneasy feeling.  As the intensity of this feeling rose, I had a distinct notion that I didn't want to be there anymore.  While  going to "command central,'"  I was greeted by a dark shadow at the bottom of the stairs by the "Green Room."  I didn't have a flashlight with me and was using my camera for light. I was unable to get a photo.  Since then, I ALWAYS have a flashlight handy.