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Marjim Manor

NYX investigations



In 1834 Shubal Merritt along with his wife Sophia bought a tract of land from the Holland Land Company.  These 205 acres were right along Lake Ontario. Sophia died in NYC before ever moving into their new home so Shubal moved into Appleton Hall with their three children, Phoebe Sophia, Cordelia, and Lewis.


Following the death of Shubal his two daughters inherited the Manor. Cordelis and her husband Theodore Van Waggoner decide to sell their interests to Phoebe Sophia and her husband, Lucius Adams.


With the unexpected death of Phoebe the house was then rented to John Morley the supposed caretaker of the Adams until his death in 1867.


The house stood empty until 1895 when it was purchased by Dr. Charles A. Ring and his wife Hannah. Hannah passed away after a lengthy illness and Dr. Charles Ring and Estelle Morse became engaged.


Shortly after Dr. Ring?s death, Estelle married the caretaker from the house next door, a man named John Whitwell and Estelle?s sister Flora moved in with them. 12 years passed, Flora passed away and the house became too big to take care of.


In 1933, the Sisters of St. Joseph bought the property.


Years later yet David Gardner bought the house for his business, Gardner Graphics and in 2003 Margo Sue Bittner bought it both as her family?s home and to create The Winery at Marijm Manor.


Now you too can join NYX at Marjim Manor for your own Ghost Adventure. Margo Sue Bittner has opened up the doors of Marjim Manor to public ghost hunts. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to capture some of the evidence not only by NYX but T.A.P.S. and maybe, just maybe you can find out why the Travel Channel considers Marjim Manor one of the Most Terrifying Places in America.