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Kurt Filipiak

KURT filipiak

Hi. My name is Kurt Filipiak. I became involved in the paranormal because of the experiences I had when I was a young boy. The house I grew up in was believed by my family and me to be very extreme with paranormal activity. I used to experience many different occurrences such as, seeing shadow figures, witnessing objects move on there own, appliances turning on and off, foul smells that would just disappear in a second, and many more. Ever since then, I always wondered what exactly we all experienced. The curiosity has lead me to making a commitment to myself to researching and documenting the paranormal as much as I possibly can. I have a very strong passion for this field and I treat with the up most respect. I have learned over the several years of researching and documenting, that there are a lot of people and families that have had the same experiences that I had and don’t know who or where they can turn to for help. I am very grateful that I am given the opportunity and trust to work with this team that helps these families and people by sharing our knowledge from many years of researching and documenting and to helping these people find happiness once again.


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