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(EVP) Electronic Voice Phenomena

    I had the opportunity to attend an EVP 101 class presented by Steve Hall and received what I feel is the best explanation I have ever heard on why you can record an EVP, but cannot physically hear one. I will attempt to explain Steve’s explanation.

    Basically, sound waves or sound vibrations are collected in the outer ear and cause the eardrum to vibrate. This vibration causes the middle ear, hammer, anvil and stirrup to start vibrating. The stirrup fits into an oval window at the start of the inner ear and allows the fluid in the inner ear to vibrate and sends the vibration to the cochlea. Inside the cochlea are thousands of microscopic hair cells that bend with the vibrations sending the signal to the auditory nerve and to the brain.

    Now, let’s look at the recorders that record sound by means of a microphone. A dynamic microphone uses a moving magnet (which is inside a coil) or a moving coil (which is around a magnet). The movement imparted to the "moving part" by the air will generate electromagnetic energy (voltage) in the coil, and this is the electrical signal. The signal is then stored onto the digital devise or a tape.

    Now that we have a basic understanding on how we hear or record, let’s look at what a spirit is. Whether you are looking at an apparition, orb or mist, using dowsing rods, K2 meter or an EMF meter the bottom line is you’re looking for some type of electromagnetic field. So, if an entity is attempting to communicate to you, it would make more sense that it would be through EMF rather than vibrations, meaning that a recorder that uses magnetism would probably be able to pick it up and you wouldn’t be able to hear it until reviewing your EVP evidence.

Learn more, here is a great link for the American Association Electronic Voice Phenomena.

Below, find some EVP's that we have been collecting. We will keep on adding and updating as we review our evidence. Please feel free to listen and share your opinion. Debunk or theorize, it's all good.

Some Evp's and/or experiences

Some Sounds From Rolling Hills

In the hall, by the Rec Room, in the basement, a chair was picked up as it slid across the floor.

This was gasps of air recorded on the second floor in the shower (stinky) room.

Leaving the Christmas room the word "story" was repeated.

This almost sounded like someone plinking on a piano in the basement right before the tunnel.

This one comes from Dawn Wittenrich from SSU. If you listen to the beggining it sounds like a voice saying "hide me".

A second one from Dawn Wittenrich it's 1:30 past her first EVP and almost sounds like someone being choked. Give us your opinions. Well some opinions are coming in as the possibility of vibrations or matrixing. I have asked for an additional 30 seconds to here what happens next. If we can debunk it as such, you'll be the first to know.




Ashley Power and Jim Fahey from Perry, NY captured these EVP’s on their cell phone. The following is the recorded message as I received it. The first version is as is and the second has had the gain increased by 20%. I talked to Ashley on the 18 to answer some questions regarding the EVP. I was able to debunk one statement in the middle as Ashley’s voice and the Jim was the only other person asking questions. In the first part you will hear Jim ask if anyone can talk into the cell phone, he then repeats the statement. At this point it sounds as though there is a comment stating “on with your life” Jim asks towards the end do you play with toy’s and the response is “what toys”. Thanks to Ashley and Jim for sharing these.





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