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Dunkirk Lighthouse Inves

nyx investigation 10-11-2012

On October 11, 2012 NYX members turned out to investigate the Dunkirk Lighthouse. There was a wind warning in effect that night and Lake Erie was really churned up. We also had the opportunity to bring along two guest who are now NYX Members as Investigators in Training.



1 Fuji Full Spectrum Camera

1 Sony Digital Camera

1 Kodak Digital Camera

2 EMF Meter

2 Digital Laser Thermometers

2 K2 Meters

Dowsing Rods

Various Voice Recorders and Digital Video Recorders



On this investigation there were the following investigators included Scott Schultz, Rebecca Hill,  Kurt Filipiak, Jodi Regan, Barbara (Jodi's Sister) Ken Kirisits, Dan Rage and Rayann Rage. After the tour and rules we set up equipment and set out in several teams. We knew it was windy and had to pay extra precautions to the noise produced by the wind.


Personal Experiences:

I did manage to get up into the light tower and sat there in complete darkness for 5 seconds as the light turned on and off. Ken and Dan both felt a presence in the area and also were able to pick up on shadows that were moving around. There was an old Victrola in the one sitting room we played in hopes of getting some activity, but again nothing felt or captured.



Although at this time I wasn’t able to capture any evidence, I am fully sure that this lighthouse is definitely active with paranormal activity. Maybe we can get back and investigate with better weather. I was not disappointed and would look forward to going back.



Oh that creepy doll, but love the wood burning stove.


 From the back of the lighthouse.

Using the Full Spectrum Camera.