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Alicia Bellinger

Alicia Bellinger

My name is Alicia. But the majority of the people I know call me “E”.

     I was born in North Tonawanda and attended Starpoint Central School K-12, then on to NCCC to get a degree in Animal Management.


    I am currently a Patient Access Clerical Supervisor for Kaleida Health.


    I'm married to a supportive husband, have an on-the-go little girl, a newborn baby girl, two cats (Jewlsie and Queenie) and a dog (Dutchie). 


    When the sun goes down and darkness fills the sky, that's when my instincts rise. I've had paranormal experiences my whole life. Experiences such as hearing or smelling things to even seeing entities (full human form and shadows) and being touched. I feel that there's a world that is very much unexplored and unexplained. Using an array of scientific devices such as cameras, recorders, etc. I hope to be able to explore the paranormal world. In the recent past, I have been experimenting with everyday household items to investigate. Such as glow sticks lied on the floor to use as measurement items if a shadow is caught on film.


    Throughout the years, I have also been growing my sensitive skills. With Michelle Day at my side not only as my mentor but also my protector, she has been helping me focus on making this gift stronger and useful. I still have much to learn but over time hope to have the ability to perfect my gift.


    Since having my own paranormal experiences, some not being too friendly, I'm hoping to be able to help other people with their own experiences and to help them understand the paranormal a little bit better.