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Welcome to NYX

    Through the years, the members of NYX have come from different venues of the paranormal field. Some of us worked as individual investigators while others came from other groups. In an effort to start sharing and learning more, we slowly became members of different meetup groups in Western New York.

    My original plans were to spend a couple of years learning different techniques from other people and then start my own paranormal group. These dreams were moved forward with the unexpected announcement of the closing of Rolling Hills in East Bethany, New York.

    My daughter Becky and I discussed our current situation and made the decision to start our own paranormal team as soon as possible. Becky, who happens to study Greek Mythology, came up with the name NYX for the Greek Goddess of the dark. Together, we formed (NYX) New York X Paranormal Research Team. Our team had the following nine charter members: Becky and I are co-owners. Gina Keller was our Case Manager. Jessica Graczyk was our Secretary. Bonnie Higgins and Jodi Regan were our Treasures. Alicia Bellinger was our Historian and Michelle Day was our Spiritual Advisor/Sensitive. Along with administrative duties, each one was an experienced paranormal investigator. Amongst us, we have over 30 years of paranormal investigative experience.

    On June 9, 2009 we welcomed our newest investigator Dennis Graczyk, who will also be responsible for equipment.

    Once the team formed, we searched for someone associated with the paranormal field to help us design a website. We were lucky enough to have Marlena Treat, a Master Reiki from Warsaw, NY. She stepped up to the plate to advise and helped us out.

    The mission of NYX is to help those who feel that something abnormal or paranormal is going on. We not only investigate for those in need, but also attempt to educate others by explaining: investigative techniques used, personal experiences and common investigative equipment on this website. We try to shows the do’s and don'ts of an investigation, along with the proof we feel that is paranormal, evidence that is debunked and why it is debunked. Our investigations are free of charge. Over the years the members have chaned but the mission statement remains the same. So, take some time to visit our website, the profiles and case studies. And, please contact us if you feel that you are in need of our help. We serve New York as well as other states and Canada.


Blessings from the NYX team,

Scott Schultz & Becky Schultz




















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